Hie you fabulous ladiez out there, we are selling imported exquisite materials, sarees and 3 piece materials...lovely to make baju-kurung...also some bangles and in future some pretty shawls. Take your time, browse through, and enjoy shopping with us darls! xoxo

Sunday, 27 March 2011

We have lovely bangles for you...
Cantik sgt2
We can assure you that you won't be dissapointed with the bangles. the shine is simply marvelous and nothing really like we've seen in stores here. Got the same comments from our other customers as well.

To know more about the Indian bangle size...check out this link

Size- 2.6
Red and green stones bangles. Very beautiful shine!!

RM130 for a set of 2

Size- 2.4
Deep maroon and green with yellow stones bangles. Very beautiful shine!!

RM100 for a set of 2 (For small hand size)

Size- 2.6
Black and gold stones bangles. 

RM65 - only 1 left

Size- 2.6
A set of 3 pieces of bangles.  gold finishing & white stones with greenish beads. Very very nice!

RM130 for a set of 3.

Size- 2.8
Baby blue bangles with white stones. Very sweet!:-)
RM 120 for a set of 4

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